Slowly Rolling Camera have rapidly built up a reputation as one of the most interesting projects emerging from the UK today for their robust grooves, deep emotional contrasts and compelling melodic and rhythmical hooks. Bringing together pianist-composer Dave Stapleton, producer Deri Roberts, vocalist-lyricist Dionne Bennett and drummer Elliot Bennett, Slowly Rolling Camera draw on a diverse range of influences resulting in music that has distinct echoes of the ‘invisible soundtracks’ of UK progressives Cinematic Orchestra and Portishead.

Dipping into a diverse world of trip-hop, jazz and drum and bass rhythms, their debut self-titled album is influenced as much by the Cinematic Orchestra and Portishead as by James Blake and Bonobo. With a free flowing and boundless approach to arrangement, this music combines texturally rich harmonies to the vibrating rhythms and ambient soundscapes full of beauty and emotion.

Slowly Rolling Camera is not a name without meaning. The whole aesthetic of the music vividly suggests a series of frames or images that unfold at a leisurely pace, thus settling strongly into the sub-conscious to reveal layer upon layer of detail. The combination of lean but incisive production and tightly focused live playing has yielded music that has the dot-matrix finesse of the digital age without being bloodless or clinical. Slowly Rolling Camera are purveyors of mysterious audio vignettes, moulded by a structural sophistication plugged straight into the vibrant emotional current of pop culture.