‘The Narrator’ was self-released on November 4th 2013 with no management, financial backing or guidance from a record label, it reached 38 in the itunes rock chart on it’s first day. The debut album has received top rated reviews across the board after getting an exclusive on the Rock Sound website. The first single “Take” which was sold as an E.P “3 Years In Limbo” reached 21 in the same chart a couple of months previous to the release. From this it then got playlisted by Planet Rock Radio. The next single “Stabilisers (I Will Be)” had it’s video exclusive with Classic Rock and found it’s way onto the playlist of BBC Radio Wales as well as receiving airplay from Planet Rock Radio, Kerrang Radio, XFM, Nation Radio and UCB. The forthcoming single “Molly Drove Me Away” has already had BBC Radio 1 airplay by Huw Stephens before the release and it’s upcoming music video “The Narrator” was produced (in separate sessions) by Gil Norton (Foo Fighters/Jimmy Eat World/Counting Crows), Peter Miles (We Are The Ocean/The King Blues/Canterbury) and Todd Campbell (Straight Lines/ Exit International) .

Classic Rock Magazine – “…As debuts go it’s an incredible achievement, perfectly judged and executed. If they can keep this up well…”. 9/10

Rock Sound – “That The Narrator will never serve The People The Poet justice commercially is nothing short of a crime”. 9/10

Already Heard – “Everyone needs to hear The Narrator. I am seriously telling you, not recommending you, telling you, buy it”. 5/5

Electric Banana – “The Narrator has been a long time coming, but the end result has come out better than anyone could’ve hoped for. This album is full of hooks and lyrical meaning, and to be honest, it’s hard to find any fault”. 5/5

Soundscape Magazine – “Fans of the band will be blown away at how much this group has developed in their lyrics, vocals and sound from what was already a previously high base. Those who are just discovering The People The Poet well…lucky you.” 9/10

Punktastic – “I hope The People The Poet kick on from here and start fulfilling their potential…it’s not too late, but with an extremely accomplished new album finally out in the open, their time needs to be now”

Cat On The Wall – “This isn’t a recommendation, it’s an instruction. You need to hear this album, you need to listen to it in the dark when there’s not a single noise to distract you and you need to tell everybody what happened, because if not a single emotion ran through your head, you might well not be human.”

Your Record Bag – “I have great hope that ‘The Narrator’ will gain both the audience and acclaim that it deserves, as far too many bands are unfairly ignored or overlooked when they deserved much greater…and if there’s any justice ‘The Narrator’ will propel The People The Poet into the forefront of mainstream music consciousness. Which is exactly where they, and ‘The Narrator’, belong.”