Lleuwen – Tân


Welsh-born singer Lleuwen Steffan lives both in Rhiwlas, North Wales and Karaez, Brittany, France. She is fluent in both Welsh and Breton and writes songs in both Celtic languages. Her new album, Tân, is the result of the exciting new musical partnership between her and the experimental double bass player, Vincent Guerin. They co-produced the album and played all the instruments; Lleuwen on guitars, drums and zither, Vincent on bass, more drums and some ukulele.

Classically trained, and having spend time studying Jazz at Central College, USA she released her first long player in 2005; an interesting collaboration with Welsh pianist Huw Warren – winner of the Award for Innovation at the BBC Jazz Awards – and saxophonist Mark Lockhart. The album, entitled God Only Knows, was released on the Babel Label and is a reinterpretation of Welsh revivalist hymns. It was featured in the Observer’s 2005 Top 20 albums, and in the November of the same year S4C broadcast a documentary following Lleuwen’s musical and spiritual journey through the making of the album.

In 2007 she released her critically acclaimed second album, Penmon, the first to be composed entirely of original material. She toured the album extensively, including festivals in Mexico, Malaysia and Belgium and went on to win the Art Council of Wales’s creative Wales Award.

Her third album, recorded in Brittany, and featuring both Welsh and Breton songs has just been released by the Gwymon label. It has also been licensed for release by Coop Breizh in France, where she will be performing at numerous festivals this summer.

“Music born in the valleys, but bound for Zion” – Allaboutjazz.com

“A listening experience you’ll never forget.” **** – Maverick

“Unique and original” – Bright Young Folk

“Excellent” – The MMP