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‘The Diary Of Me’ is the debut album from Laurence Made Me Cry a.k.a Cardiff based lo-fi folk/electronica songstress and multi-instrumentalist Jo Whitby.

After raising the money to record the album via crowd funding, Whitby laid down the tracks for ‘The Diary of Me’ in her bedroom in Cardiff as well as the quiet of her parents’ house over in Bristol. ‘The Diary of Me’ explores the dialogue we all have with our individual inner voice, the songs acting as snapshots of days, experiences and thoughts in a similar way a written diary would. ‘Me’, the main character in this project, is every one of us. It represents a personal side that may or may not feel awkward, appropriate, confident, secretive – our most inner core, the place where we search and find ourselves.

A highly collaborative project Whitby drafted in help from musicians worldwide including Ash Cooke (Pulco), Salwa Azar, Freddie Nunez and Paul Foster (Dementio13) as well as some more unusual contributions from German youtube video blogger Astrid (Sillysparrowness) and South African based poet Megan Brophy.

The album is unashamedly eclectic – folk and pop roots combine with electronic instruments and organic sounds to spawn a myriad of landscapes and pictures for the listeners’ imagination to delve into.