Euros Childs is a solo artist hailing from Pembrokeshire, Wales. He has released 8 solo albums to date, the latest of which Situation Comedy was released in October 2013. He also fronted the band Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci from 1991 until their demise in 2004.

Euros is a keen collaborator, having released albums as Jonny with Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake in 2011, and as Cousins with former Race Horses singer Meilyr Jones in 2012.
Last year saw Euros team up with Laura J Martin, Sweet Baboo, Megan Childs, R. Seiliog and H. Hawkline for an album under the name of Short & Curlies. Their LP ‘At The Dance’ was released on Euros’ National Elf label.

When asked what kind of music he plays by taxi drivers or distant relatives Euros replies ”It’s pop music with a bit of folk music thrown in, sometimes synthesizers are used, sometimes pianos or guitars. But it’s always rock n roll”.