9Bach – Tincian


Tincian is the second album by 9Bach, the group formed by Lisa Jen and Martin Hoyland. It’s an atmospheric, emotional record that reflects their home environment of Gerlan, North Wales, and Tincian is the perfect description: it’s an allusive Welsh word that travels through time and space.

As Lisa explains, ‘tincian can mean a lot of things, to move with a tinkling sound, to ring and make a clear sound. Depending on what area of Wales you are from, the meaning varies. It comes to life in dialogue when you use sentences like “I gave him such a talking to, he didn’t know what had hit him…he was ‘tincian’.” It’s almost like a cartoon image of someone’s head being hit by a hammer’.

Tincian can also mean ‘to resonate…it’s like the bell of your memories, the sound in your mind that awakens to things forgotten. It would have also been used in sentences like “ma na rhyw *dincian ymhlith y bobol”. (“There is a murmur amongst the people”). That kind of whisper, that fear or excitement of a (bad) report amongst the people like a wave of noise’.

9Bach chose Tincian as the album title ‘for many reasons: it is an old fashioned word that is dying. It is industrial in origin, and it is almost onomatopoeic, it rings a special sound. The songs on the album are all stories: some of them autobiographical, sometimes I am telling someone else’s true story and some are imaginary’.

‘They are stories of the quarry men, of strong and brave women, of lost children, of foxes feasting near blood stained streams in areas of natural beauty, of forgotten derelict houses, of nature, of slate, of red dust, of family and of ‘cariad’ which means love. Sometimes there is pain, sometimes anger, a harshness that rings a heavy sound. But there is also a beauty and serenity, a light and gentle sound that resonates much further – TINCIAN.’